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  1. The best place to start is your classroom teacher. Find contact information in the staff directory.
  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
  3. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.

Staff List

Name Email Position Phone Sway Website
Allen, Tracy Principal 253-571-7272 Website 
Strozier, Theresa Office Coordinator 253-571-7253  
Howes, Lorri Office Secretary 253-571-7252  
Leegard, Patricia School Nurse 253-571-7249  
Jacot, Anne Counselor 253-571-7251 Website 
Nelson, Amanda Family Liaison 253-571-7257 Website 
Vaughn, Yvette ELO Coordinator 253-301-8347  
Brown, Jenna Instructional Coach 253-571-7217  
Lindquist, Lauri School Psychologist 253-571-7242  
Draper, Christina Occupational Therapist 253-571-7225 Website 
Yoshikawa, Teri Physical Therapist 253-571-7229 Website 
Eklund, Mary Speech Therapist 253-571-7266 Website 
Siridakis, John Health/PE Teacher 253-571-7244  
Thoemke, Brent LAP Teacher 253-571-7237 Website 
Brewer, Alexandra Learning Resource Teacher 253-571-7220 Website 
Wiedemann, Amanda Librarian 253-571-7211  
Carr, Rene ML Teacher 253-571-7212 Website 
Hreha, Roxanne Music Teacher 253-571-7231 Website 
Barnett, Rebecca Title 1 Teacher 253-571-7261  
Holmberg, Lauren Success Teacher 253-571-7216  
Bautista, Lillian Success Assistant 253-571-7216  
Polinsky, Hadley Success Assistant 253-571-7216  
Impala, Kristie Success Teacher 253-571-7232 Website 
Blood, Kalie Success Assistant 253-571-7232  
Carlyle, Gwen Success Assistant 253-571-7232  
MacGregor, Becky Success Assistant 253-571-7232  
Russell, Rachel Success Assistant 253-571-7232  
Attrill, Christina Headstart Teacher 253-571-7221 Website 
Droubay, Judy Headstart Assistant 253-571-7221  
Farley, Cara Headstart Assistant 253-571-7221  
Queree, Tina Headstart Advocate 253-571-7271  
Dargan, Caylah Preschool Teacher 253-571-7222 Website 
Vaughn, Yvette Preschool Assistant 253-571-7222  
King, Naomi Preschool Teacher 253-571-7227  
Balicanta, Grace Preschool Assistant 253-571-7227  
McKay, Andrea Kindergarten Teacher 253-571-7226  
Neal, Tonia Kindergarten Teacher 253-571-7224 Website 
Trotter, Madeline Kindergarten Teacher 253-571-7223 Website 
Devine, Beth 1st Grade Teacher 253-571-7238 Website 
Godderis, Patric 1st Grade Teacher 253-571-7239 Website 
Benoit, Alayna 1st/2nd Grade Teacher 253-571-7236 Website 
Plaehn, Gretchen 2nd Grade Teacher 253-571-7235 Website 
Rasmussen, Joni 2nd Grade Teacher 253-571-7233 Website 
Driscoll, Tami 3rd Grade Teacher 253-571-7213 Website 
Collier, Kathy 3rd/4th Grade Teacher 253-571-7215 Website 
Benson, Erik 4th Grade Teacher 253-571-7214 Website 
Stewart, Edith 4th/5th Grade Teacher 253-571-7218 Website 
Delaney, Zach 5th Grade Teacher 253-571-7219 Website 
Frantz, Corrine Kitchen Manager 253-571-7240  
Lee, Wendy Kitchen Cashier 253-571-7240  
Pludums, Kathleen Kitchen Helper 253-571-7240  
Whitesell, Daniel Daytime Chief Custodian 253-571-7255  
McNeil, Mike Evening Custodian 253-571-7255  
Sandvigen, Isaiah Evening Custodian 253-571-7255